Accessible Products Company is just one division of the world wide family of companies owned by the Zippertubing Company, headquartered in Chandler Arizona. APCO is a combination of several unique manufacturing divisions sharing facilities in Tempe Arizona and is located just 5 minutes southeast of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

APCO traces its modern roots back to the early 80’s when both TechLite Insulation and ZipTape Label ID Systems relocated to share a new, common facility in Tempe. TechLite Insulation had been in operation in Tempe already for many years but needed a larger facility to keep up with product demand. ZipTape Label ID Systems had been in operation in Los Angeles since the early 60’s but was relocated to Tempe to share a common location along with TechLite Insulation.

Today, APCO is still a strong combination of the two main divisions that moved here back in the 1980’s. Over the 30+ years in operation at this new site TechLite has continued to be a strong player in their market and ZipTape Label ID Systems has expanded yet into two more specific markets, and Discount Jewelry Tags.

Throughout the years, in both good and bad economic times, all divisions of Accessible Products Company have proudly manufactured their innovative and patented products that are specifically engineered to exceed industry standards. We’re here for your needs today and we’ll be here for your needs tomorrow.